Q:  How do i buy a recommended item?

  1. Email to shop@fionnalee.com on the item you’ll like to order. Item details are available directly below the item picture. ( See Example below )
  2. Receive a order confirmation email on the total billable charges and bank transfer
    payment details.
  3. Email to shop@fionnalee.com the successful bank transfer confirmation reference number.
  4. Receive a postal or EMS reference number email to track courier status
  5. Order completed and enjoy the item.

Example :  Order of 2013 My Page Diary Planner

  • Name: 2013 My Page Diary Planner – Festival New
  • Color and Size : NA
  • Quantity: 01
  • Delivery Preference : Postal

Q:  What happens if i fail to receive the item i have ordered?
A: Email to shop@fionnalee.com  postal or EMS courier number and we will update you the latest
courier status.



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