A special day to celebrate 2 lovely occasions – my 5th year dating anniversary with hubby and mum’s birthday. Mum is having fun @ Malaysia at uncle’s place so i ask for his help to buy her a birthday cake. Time flies and she is already 62 today. Thnk you mum for being such a wonderful mum, letting me grow and go to work in Shanghai, cook bird nest when i am back this trip for baby and me, the fish u tp for me and remembering i take roti prata with sugar! God bless you with good health , speedy recovery of your ears, happiness and more winnings during mahjong.

A simple  card, a surprise bouquet of my favourite hydrangeas, champagne roses for our 5th anniversary never fails to bring a smile to my face.  We proceed on to have dinner at GOGA. On the other hand, i did not prepare my card, end up using his card to write a card for him without even realising! This year is going to be a special year as we welcome our baby into our lives.

Thank you hubby for always being there for me in spite of all things, with your patience ( at times when i jump to conclusion, shout when i am upset) , loving me, massaging me at my aching points during pregnancy, taking care of me when i am not feeling well, wearing socks for me before bedtime, worrying for me on my safety ,  I want to let you know it has been the great 5 years with you and look forward towards our journey ahead, with baby! Love you beebs and i thank the Lord for you, and our times together till 87!


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