Change The World

I am caught by a man in armour and he wanted me to share with her the whereabouts of Avaya. Avaya belongs to the good world and holds the other half of an ivory map . The man who combines the 2 ivory half map together holds the power to change the world. I get to know Avaya while preparing for my exams. this story was a comprehension extract from my 10 years series.

I was being bought to a dark cave and hanged on. The man started shouting: ” Tell me where she is . ” I’m giving you a chance to get a friend to convey to Avaya that you are caught by me. Get her to come over to me with the map! ”

Suddenly i saw my friend appearing and i told him : ” Go read up your 10 years series and find out the story”. My friend says: “I will get you out of here, believe me. ”

I then saw a man who came back with another half of the ivory map. Just before he handed over to the man wirh amour, he chipped of a corner of the map and dropped it on a white pebbles flooring. The man with amour took the map and laughted heartily : “The world shall now change with me.” Because of the chip, the map did not match and he became very angry : What happened!

I was rescued and soon found myself in a 4 storey school building. I must find Avaya and save her. She needs a hourly dosage medicine to sustain her life. To prevent the man in amour from tracking me @ the pharmacy , i decided to get help from 10 person to go to different pharmacy at regular intervals to buy the medication from Avaya so that it will not arouse suspicion.

I woke up from my dream. What an adventure!

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