Choosing Dad & Dreaming During Pregnancy

I am asked to choose a dad for my baby from a group of man standing in front of me, not too sure why my hubby isn’t there but from the selection of dads to be, there were familiar faces- 2 of them

One my an ex-steward whom i used to work with, at some point we were considered close friend but never really got beyong that and another was a Primary school classmate – a fair lookign Malay guy with beautiful huge eyes.

Guess what i choose my Malay Primary School friend – not too sure the reason why but i guess it was the big eyes and fair skin i like.

Shared the dream with my hubby and he laughed about me wanting a Malay husband ..well in some way..he does look like him – the big eyes at least

From the Book What to Expect When Expecting : Hormones changes is one of the key contributor o heavier than usual dream during pregnancy and another reason is the lighter sleeping  ( as a result of frequet toilet visits , tossing and trying to getcomfortable ), more opportunity to wake up in the middle of a REM dream cycle, so the dream stay fresher when one awakes.

Commonly reported Top 2 dreams of mine and what it means ( exacted from the Book What to Expect When Expecting – Pg 290 ):

Sexual Dreams. Dreams about sexual encounters – either positive or negative, pleasure or guilt provoking, may reflect the sexual confusion and ambivalence often experienced during pregnancy.

Memory dreams . Dreaming of death and resurrection – lost parents or relatives reappearing – may be the subconscious mind’s way of linking old and new generations.



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