Factory Visit and Growing Worms

I am on a factory visit to teach students on how to package a product. It was a piece of cloth that was manufactured and then wrapped in light brown paper. I can remember most vividly that the the was pictures of cultural revolution ladies in the size of the 5cm ribbon tied across the wrapped brown paper. It was very colorful and pretty. I woke up.

I was taught by the professor on how to grow worms –  light green in color. I need to be fast, throw all the worms into this bottle filled with water, the light green worms will expand and grow very quickly. Soon, i was busy closing the cover of the jar filled with worms as they expand in size and started are springing out very quickly. Before i know it, some of jumped out. Errggg..i woke up.

I wonder what is the relationship between the 2 dreams – teaching and being taught?

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