France Here We Come – 30 June 2012

We started the journey on Eurostar and arrived Paris on a rainy and cloudy day. Nevertheless, we were welcomed by the old train station and soon the realities of a city greeted us – smokers everywhere – right outside the station while we waited for our cab.

About 10 years ago , i was here in Paris but i can vaguely remember except it was close to winter and everywhere was foggy- to me it was romantic city. It still is today, while we drove past the many city monuments and to arrive at the doorsteps of our air B&B host.  What was most memorable was the lift to her house- smallest , most slick lift i have ever taken- i must say very good use of space, only 1 person with 1 luggage at one time. Maintenance should be much easier.

Our host greeted me , a thin, petite and well groomed Parisian lady. She has a lovely home , and we will be staying at the attic room ( belonging to her son who is now in Beijing for internship).  The room was lovely, with a good view of the Eiffel Tower. The host has prepared some tea and biscuit for us at her living room, and soon started discussing with us on the places of interest , nearby metros from her home, recommended places to eat in Paris. Very detailed and helpful for first times to Paris. Then did we realise that she is also a traveller, and will be making a spiritual 10 days walking trip.

After tea, we make our way to enjoy the lovely room, and the wonderful view of Eiffel.

Lunch was at this Auvergne brasserie on the street near home since it was a rainy day.  Service was poor, not that i was expecting much better, but the food was disappointing , i must say not our type of food or we didn’t know how to order. Onion Soup and escargo were average, my duck confit was ok but bb’s beef pattie came half raw so we asked for it to be thoroughly cooked and this time it came up charred ( which explains why we didn’t want to take a picture of it). 

All the main course in brasserie came with raw salad and french fries , not somthing as a preggie mum would like.

After lunch, we walked round the neighbourhood to explore the area we live in. The rain has stopped, and we soon found a Laverie – means Laundry In French . They can be easily found in every neighbourhoods ( might be due to many travellers and migrants working). People even bring their curtains, carpets and what have you to wash there ( shuddle with the thoughts that my clothes are going in one of those machines too but no choice). We have lots of clothes to wash and soon was making our way home to get our “dirty” laundry.

For me, it was the first experience using a DIY Laverie, we got help from a lady to explain to us where to buy the soap powder and my dear hubby “apparently” quite good at intepreting French, soon our laundry was in the washing machine, spin dry and fresh clean laundry home!


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