Getting Married

According to Evans, every time we go to sleep our brain disengages from the external world and uses this time to sort through and organize all the information that was taken in throughout the day, this explains why we dream.

” No , you should not marry Xavier , a local Chinese , don’t you think our cultures are so different? ” James snorted to my girlfriend. James is a single, high flier and scholar working in overseas with a promising career with the government , and shares the same nationality with me , my other half and my girlfriend LL.

I remarked : ” Hey James, i do not think it’s fair to say that. You don’t know Xavier well enough to be qualified to make the comment to LL.”

I woke up from my dream with the exact words runnign through my mind. The day before i met up with LL’s colleagues over lunch to discuss life and finding a mate. Inevitably, we started chatting about LL who is requesting for a posting back home as she believes there is higher chance of her finding her mate back home than staying in overseas. LL detest marrying a local Chinese but she has sinced changed her mind after meeting some of them, but she still feels there is strong cultural differences ..but my dream says otherwise.

So will my dream come true? Will
LL eventually marry Xavier?

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