Ginseng Sewing Machine

Your dreams belong to you; they talk about your life.

I am in this dark room with my other half. It which smell really like a dead rat or sweat mixed sheets that has not been washed for ages/ It was dark and the scientist, a full crown of white told me:” Let me who you my magical sewing maching.” Beware, it’s roots will grow and in a matter of seconds, one by one the first feew roots on the ginseng alike plant started growing into what look like metal roots/fingers. Soon i see a well knitted maroon casmere long sleeve dress is completed and with well stiched spilt ends on the side.

” Knock ..Knock on the scientist’s door, someone came. I am from Neo Garden caterer, there was this strong smell that lead me to here.This door has not been opened for ages.  Do you need lunch ? Drop by my restuarant by the corner.

I left the dark room and soon walking and in the 2nd floor of a mixed retail cum residential development.I am in the NTUC and paying for my goods when i noticed this man, standing by the lift. He soon walked in and while waiting for the lift, it actually goes up to the 99th storey.  Wow, such high high rised flats these days. I walked down to the nearest fruit stall and saw my girlfriend. She was signalling to me to see a man who used to like her , does not look very impressive.

I woke up and my other half  is lying beside me has his back facing me.

What was my dream trying to tell me about my deepest desires and how does the story link up to a bigger purpose the dream is trying to convey to me?


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