Good Works In Your Vocation

Food For Thought:

While searching for his purpose for me here, i often get frustrated and down when i need to serve clients who might not be adhering to government regulations when operating their business. I start questioning my value of work and Why me?

I spend many days  “complaining ” ( instead of praying ) . This quote from The 2:10 Project speaks it all and it’s timeliness can never be better than NOW. As a HR professional for over 10 years, i have so interviewed and grow with so many of my clients and candidates. My role is to bring the RIGHT people ( in this case God has presented us with a candidate who is motivated to influence the company step by step to make things RIGHT ) .

My paradigm shifted when i start to think of the many years in executive search in China, how i never look to God and try to understand why he has strategically placed me in my vocation, and how God is using me strategically to deliver HIS purpose.

If you are facing challenges understanding your value/ purpose at work, i hope this quote will INSPIRE you on why you are doing what you are doing now.

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