Lesson in authenticity and intentionality for Homes

“You journey as a minimalist is an opportunity for you to embrace the freedom to do and have more of what you matters by being authentic and intentional with what you accept and allow to remain in your life.”

~Christine Platt ~
(Adapted from the book : The Afromimalist’s Guide to Living With Less )

Authenticity . Intention
These are 2 important principles to chart our path in life. Allowing authenticity and intention to guide and dictate your practice will ultimately result you in receiving the greatest reward : Freedom. Consistently making decisions that are rooted in these principles will strengthen your ability to ensure life is composed of only what you need, use and love.

Authenticity is instinctive, it is our innate sense of being. It resonates in our hearts and it nestles in our souls, it settles in our bones. When we are guided by authenticity, the choices we make just feel right.

Authenticity informs what informs what i allow into my life and what i release. One of the best ways to tap into your authenticity is to reflect on what remains after completing the “letting-go” process.

Ask Yourself
1. During the “letting go” process, what items did i decide to keep because i need, use and love them? What aspects of these belongings reflect my authenticity?
2. What items were easy for me to part with? Why was i drawn to it initially?
3. What items , designs, textures, patterns and textiles brings me joy? What color palettes makes me feel calm and serene, warm and welcoming?
4. What mementos do i cherish and why? How can i welcome more meaningful things into my life , am i willing to release items to make space for them?
5. Which of my spaces and home furnishings do i need to reimagine and or repurpose so they align with my authentic minimalist goals?

Intention is one of the most grounding and guiding principles in minimalist practice. If I am a passenger on this wild ride called life, intention is the driver. And i have learned to wholeheartedly allow it to guide me.

Much like authenticity, learning to be intentional is a lesson in self discovery and discipline.

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