Christmas Part II

I found myself walking into the lobby of a grey steel structure building. The building is circular in design and 2 floors high. I am carrying a Christmas tree and decorations with my 2 cousins Yingfang and Yinshan. They both started walking up the spiral stairways leading to the 2nd floor not knowing the building is haunted. I suddenly hear Yingfang fleeing down and Yingshan rolling down the stairs, lying there dead. Yingfang looked really scared.

I woke up , it was a dream. I had some water and went back to sleep.

This time round, i am still carrying Christmas decorations into the grey building lobby but with my brother. I heard from my bro one of our close buddy was getting married. I have not met him for ages since he went back to Australia. There is a restaurant in the middle of the building where i peeked through the glass, saw my buddy but i couldn’t see his face clearly but his sideview – a pair of gold round rimmed glasses on his white face and rosy cheeks. Since when has he become so white? I couldn’t see his wife. Then , she came out of the resturant and passed me her business card, she’s from Coasta Coffee and i recall her name was Siew Khim. I still did not get to speak to my buddy and soon he and his wife started walking out to their hotel rooms. The hotel was very weird in design , made of red bricks with a lot of vine plants grown against the sun baked bricks. To me, the hotel looked very dilapidated and was rumored to be haunted. I waited at the stairways hoping to say hi to my buddy. I saw another friend Tony seated by the chairs at the lobby , am surprised he also knows my buddy. I also saw my mum’s friend Auntie Feng Jiao and Auntie Wen Zhu leaving my buddy’s wedding. So coincidental that they know my buddy’s mum. I am trying to get someone to help drive my car coz there are too many christmas deco in my car , but to no avail .

I woke up, puzzled and thinking of my buddy back in Australia, how has he been ?

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