New Job

Dreams as a reflection of the dreamer’s deepest desires, going back to their childhood.
~Sigmund Freud~

I starting walking through a gate and was led into this place filled with what looks like ODAC friends but i can’t recognize any of them. I was here to interview for a digital analyst. The interviewer asked me: Given you have not been in this industry, how do you know you are can take up this role?” I replied : I am a headhunter and this role has developed me to be very broad based in my thinking and be very analytical. Also, i know the digital space very well! ”
“Ok, you’re hired! Report to work tomorrow at 9am ”.

I started walking around the work place and saw that it is facing the beach. Really nice place to work in . Suddenly the interviewer walked up to me and said: ” Here, there are 10 fishes here ( this fishes was placed in 10 different rectangle containers, but the weird thing was all fishes was in unique colors, turquiose blue strips with beige color and the most funny thing you can only see their heads and nothing else. ” Can you help to buy these fishes for me on your way to work tomorrow? ”

I woke up. Yesterday night i was discussing with my other half on his interview and who to hire. Later this afternoon, i got an email from a headhunter for a new oppotunity.

So will i get the job ? I wonder ….

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