Pain Management 101

Checked in to the hospital at 8pm on my week 41 . 14 October 2012, we will try to induce labour. By the time the doctor checked my dilation, I was already 2cm in dilation. She was very happy and said she will put continue to induce labour. She put on a white colored like gel into my birth canal. All was well and I started watching TV. About 2 hours later, I start to feel contractions, it’s sharp continous backache and menstration cramps at regular intervals . I was still able to manage the contractions till 2am. Soon the pain gets more intense, and unbearable, still very regular. Unlike cramps that does go off after you drink hot water or apply a warm bag,  labour pains are sharp and continous , when you do see the peak of the contraction coming, it’s the fear that the pain is coming again and will not go away . I started practising breathing , inhale with the contraction at its peak  and exhale  together with the contraction as it starts to subside ( imagine blowing a candle but to keep the flame on, flickering ) , visualizing the image of the candle in my mind is a good way to keep one’s attention away from the pain.

8 hours has passed since the doctor induce the labour process at 8pm, the contractions are getting even sharper now . From 4am onwards, the pain gets more intense and nearer. Now I need my hubby beside me, to handhold and breathing is not helping much. Whenever a contraction comes, I just have to press hubby’s hand tight to manage the pain. I was watching the clock ticking by and i am very happy whenever the nurse comes in to check on me. I was upset to know I have not even dilated to 3 cm ( when I officially can ask for epidural ). My next nurse visit will be at 6.30am. From 4am – 6 am , the pain was so unbearable that I told hubby I am for epidural but at 6:05 am , I felt a warm gush of water ( i dare not look down and tot it was blood but actually my waterbag has burst ) and started screaming in pain. The pain has become so unbearable that screaming is the only way out for me. I was becoming hysterical due to the pain. Hubby pressed for nurse and I am confirmed to be in active labour. No more time for epidural and I was asked to inhale and exhale, but not to push downwards.

My doctor arrived and soon I was directed by her to push downwards which I fail to get the cue. Glad hubby was there to direct me to focus, breathe and push whenever i feel a contraction.Never felt so much energy being used before. At some point, I was not pushing correctly and the doctor got fierce and told me my energy is wrongly channelled, instead of 3 push, I could only do 2 and will get exhausted. I told myself I need to get the baby out fast , tried and tried. Finally the crown was out, I tried and push at one go, the head, and then the shoulder , my baby was out..finally…after 1.45 hrs considered long as most active labour abt an hour) .I still felt a lot of warm water gushing out..( a lot of amniotic fluid as per my doc. My hubby cut the umbilical cord and the blood splashed over my docs glasses. I was too tired but had a good laugh. My placenta ( which my doctor said was really big too ) slipped out very quickly on it’s own..I didn’t remember delivering it!

Soon heard my baby crying out loud and clear , and i heaved a sigh of relief. I’m experienced labour! Finally I know how it feels really like – after 41 weeks of reading , websites searching and experience sharing by others.

What I learn about labour:

1.Having  a supportive birth partner is very crucial, my hubby played a very important role beside me throughout the entire labour.

2. When you are going into labour for the first time, like I believe, do not go reading books or experiences of others to learn about the pain, what its like. Everyone’s threshold is different. Know your options at different stages of pain.

3.  When a woman goes into normal delivery, she redefines the threshold of pain she can take in life. Yes, I said in life.  Lesson 101 on pain management indeed.

Adrenaline that gets a woman to push during labour – i often wonder where a woman gets all the energy…its really a lot of energy required. I conclude that after all the earlier contraction pain ( i tot my labour was abt 10 hrs but written in my medical report as 6 hrs 45 mins ) one will be even more motivated to push with all your might and do whatever it takes for the last phase of delivery to achieve the one ultimate goal : Get the baby out safely and fast.


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