Places With A Difference Part 2

The rojak stall that is diagonally opposite my house ..the bak chor mee stall, as well as my favourite chap choy rice where i pack dinner for mummy sometimes and will walk the path past the stadium, the swimming pool to reach her factory.

The 60 stalls is now called the Taman Jurong Food Market, many of the food stalls are no longer there, the old man who push his steamer everynight to sell buns , the bread stall with my simple kaya and butter bread, and my favourite coconut water stall. They are now replaced with new food stalls and some grocery shop.

My old house has been teared down to make way for a new mall.

I walked past the community centre , bringing foud memories of  the Japanese fair where we bought a number of  Japanese christmas songs casettes , where i practise my dnacing for performance in school. It’s good to see the community centre still there, refurbished with a new look but same old memories.


I cross the road and reach my 2nd home in Ho Ching Road. I took the lift up to #05-452 and saw the new gate. I walked along the corridor that i once played with my nighbours. I saw my neigbour’s mum..i recognize her . She has aged gracefully but still the same look.

All might have changed around us, our life, the people around us but going to places where once held memories for us brings back those moments again in the hustling and bustling life. Some place or people stay in the same place and its good to see them after over 15 years.

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