The Home and Work

Dream 1 : 0200am- 0330am

I am working as one of the key coordinator in this beautiful resort and was standing by the pool taking to AB ( one of my ex-cleint). We have an event tonight by the pool and all eyes are on me to make it right. He was briefing me of all the “need to do” and  am starting to feel the butterflies in my stomache.  As he walked off, thunder roared , lightning strike and there goes the car alarm.

I woke up to hear tunder roaing, , wind gushing and torrential of rain splashing on my bedroom window.On the background, the car alarm was sirening.

I moved to close the bedroom windows , the living room and the kitchen to close all windows.

It was 3.30am in the morning.

Dream 2 : 0500am – 0630am

I was renting a house with 2 ladies, sharing a room with one of them. Reminds me of my NOC days 7 years back in Shanghai but the house was nicely furnished. The room was of  bok choy green. With 2 side bed tables and a avant garde lamp. The cupboard was of a vintage white with floraldark  pink borders.

For some reasons, i decide to reshuffle the furniture in the room but it doesn’t look right. I shift it back  when one of the ladies came in and said she decide to move out as she finds it rather challneging to have 3 in a house. I woke up to a misty and cloudy morning.

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