Week 40

Waiting for baby’s arrival on the 40th week. Keeping my faith and waiting for God to bring baby safely into the world.

Pregnancy can be very emotional challenging especially times waiting for baby’s arrival in week 40. Sleeping becomes a challenge  due to frequent toilet visits and one will feel you are carrying a heavy stone at all times. I wonder how man with big belly manage . Basically one cannot lie down flat , even sleeping at sides can be challenging as pressure adds on one side – you tend to get aching on the leg  and shoulder joints .

For someone like me who likes to control and plan, sometimes being unable to control when the baby arrive also makes one feel lost. One becomes sensitive to tell tale signs of labour.As people say, uncertainty is the only certainty in life, how apt when you are waiting for baby to arrive.Doctor has advised that i be admitted to hospital to induce labour. I would still pray and have faith for a natural delivery without any inducing and with God to partner me , the baby and daddy to experience this moment together with faith.

Also, there are times i can’t explain why i feel vexed though it’s largely explained that hormone changes plays a big part in causing emotional roller coaster. For mums to be who experience emotional changes, I’ll suggest listening to soft easy listening music. Worship music helps soothes me a lot. At times, i also try to do small soft shouts to relieve the vexity in me.

Overall, i still find pregnancy  a magical experience to have a living life moving inside my body. I find it a priviledge to be able to experience it. Thanks the Lord for everything.

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